Why are so many people opposed to the Delta Tunnels plan?

The existing Delta Tunnels Environmental Impact Report states NO NEW WATER PROMISED.

"Until you’ve put a million hours into it, Shut Up!" said Brown, referring to critics of his tunnels and Delta policies.
"In response to the Governor’s "Shut Up" comment, Tom Stokely, Water Policy Analyst for the California Water Policy Network (C-WIN), said, "Money and time spent on a deeply flawed project is still a useless exercise and a waste of ratepayer and taxpayer money."
"Rerouting the Sacramento River into massive tunnels is an outdated nineteenth century approach to water supply that will destroy the largest estuary on the west coast."

The non-profit group Stop the Tunnels from Los Angeles outraged by tax hike possibilities associated with current Delta Tunnels plan. This non-profit group is just one of the many organizations outraged by tax hikes.

Some of the Groups that Oppose the Delta Tunnels

Consumer and Public Interest

Food & Water Watch
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – Earth Democracy Group


California Sportfishing Protection Alliance
Northern California Council Federation of Fly Fishers
Fish Sniffer Magazine
California Striped Bass Association – Isleton-Delta Chapter

Farming and Agricultural

California State Grange
Agricola Flora and Fauna Ranch


East Los Angeles Community Corporation
The River Project
Highland Park Neighborhood Council
Westwood Neighborhood Council
Rampart Village Neighborhood Council
Concerned Citizens Water Coalition
Westside Neighborhood Council
Northridge South Neighborhood Council
North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council
Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains
Marin Water Coalition
San Mateo County Democracy for America
Palms Neighborhood Council
Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
Marin Democratic Party


Cole Law Firm
BPF Investments
Dave Hieb Surveying

Farmers will Lose:

Because the Delta Tunnels will not deliver any new water to southern California farms, farmers will be left to fallow land and go out of business. Because the Delta Tunnels will divert water away from the Delta, Delta farmers will be left only with salt water to farm with and will be forced out of business.

Environment will Lose:

As water that now flows through the Delta is diverted into the tunnels and shipped southward, salt water will increasingly threaten to intrude into this area which already has a delicate balance, this will endanger the wildlife and habitat of the Delta.

California Citizens will Lose:

The Delta Tunnels will NOT produce one more NEW drop of water, yet all of US will be paying for a $60 billion project. Dealing with these problems will entail monumental costs, and those will fall inevitably on California taxpayers — who will be asked to pay the bills, year after year, so the big water barons can use their tunnels and inflate their prices.

The opposition to the Delta Tunnels plan has grown rapidly and is mounting.

By acting today we are taking a responsible stand against a plan that will not solve California’s water problems.

The project is now called California WaterFix.

What happened to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan?

Federal agencies would not approve a 50-year permit in the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) because it did not provide for environmental assurances over that  50-year term. The BDCP could not adequately provide for habitat restoration or the construction and operation of the two massive twin tunnels.

What is California WaterFix?

“California WaterFix” does not FIX anything.

“California WaterFix” is simply a new name for the project proposed in the BDCP. “California WaterFix” still contains 3 intake facilities and 30 miles of pipeline that measure 40 feet in diameter. It does not require a 50-year permit by federal agencies. In addition, funds from the voter-approved Water Bond, Proposition 1, will be used for the project’s required habitat restoration even though voters were promised no money from Proposition 1 would be used for the Delta tunnels project.

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