The True Value of Water Storage

As mentioned in my previous blog there are many comprehensive solutions other than the Delta Tunnels to help solve the water crisis in California. With the passage of Proposition 1 and the Governor’s call to save water for our future, the potential value of additional water storage in the state is an area of vigorous discussion. An article […]


How much will it cost to build the twin tunnels?

The California Treasurer’s Office released this week a report on BDCP’s Affordability and Financing which reveals that Governor Brown’s Tunnels could cost $54.1 billion. Many are questioning if these tunnels are a good investment. Studies have shown the twin tunnels are only affordable if taxpayers, who will receive no benefits from them, foot the bill. The Brown […]


Congressman McNerny Speaks Out Against the Delta Tunnels.

Yesterday, October 28, 2014, Fox 40 News Anchor Paul Robins sat down with “Delta Congressman” Jerry McNerny  to talk to him about the upcoming elections. As McNerny covered his plan for District 9, he made sure to speak on the water issues in California. When asked about the Delta Tunnels Project he spoke how he was against the Tunnels. […]

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